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LA OFICINA - English-Spanish-Greek Legal Translations

“La Oficina, Inc” is the foremost translation services company in New York, which offers professional translation and copyediting services particularly in the areas of Spanish to English, English to Spanish, Greek to English, English to Greek, as well as Greek to Spanish and Spanish to Greek translations. We specialize in on-time, complex, high quantity and high quality Spanish and Greek translations conducted by various translators to ensure that the documents are properly translated.

La Oficina is a company that prides itself with quality workmanship at low rates, unlike many other translation service providers who charge high prices to translate a few lines that they chose arbitrarily from a full page document (sometimes with sophisticated tables filled with important data), we translate the entire document to look exactly like the original… but at a more affordable price.

As a result of this attention to detail and affordability, (which we seem to stand alone in) we have found ourselves being called upon more and more by legal firms, attorneys and other professional businesses to assist them in all their translation needs. Why? Because we understand that details are important, especially when they are being used in cases where they will be held up to scrutiny and the last thing you need is to redo a translation simply because it was not a complete translation.

Our office uses qualified native speakers, all of which hold various degrees such as Doctorate and Masters degrees, who are connected with the Hispanic & Greek Communities to ensure that the translations are both accurate and reliable. In our legal Spanish translation department alone we use translators who are Attorneys in their native homelands ensuring that the subject matter is profoundly understood in order to convey the correct legal meaning when translated.

Before your translation is sent out we ensure that your work is properly proofread and evaluated in order to deliver a logical, effective and accurate translation.

All translations remain confidential. 




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